Cotto Restaurant, Cambridge

I forgot to mention the tray of breads which are brought
round with alarming regularity. A word of advice – these are delectable
but don’t fill up on them, which would be too easy to do.

The complimentary bread was simply gorgeous. 

The lovely Bread 

The breads are really delicious! 

And the bread, the bread is to die for. 

Terrific bread… 

Amazing bread


Everything’s working well. Thank you. Everyone raves about the breads.    

That was indeed a great course.
I can’t wait to start using what we’ve learned in those lovely 5 days.

First and foremost, thank you for an amazing course.
I loved to have been able to learn a new technique, Carl’s knead and fold, thank you.
The place, the setting of the School, and our accommodation are
just some of the things that will forever be in my memory.

No Focaccia compares to your recipe.
It’s been selling out every week, the bagels 
as well.

Thanks for a fabulous five days. I loved it all, the course, the company, and the delicious bread! 

Just a few lines to thank you again for a wonderful week. It has been truly inspirational
and an emotional journey for me as well. I had withdrawal symptoms on Saturday
from not sticking my hands in the dough!

Thank you for putting so much energy, dedication, and passion in passing on your love of bread-making.

Thank you again for a wonderful week. It was fascinating and inspirational.

You are a perfectionist and your breads are “formidable”. 

You have truly inspired me.

I hope the message came through about how much I enjoyed the class, your knowledge and expertise.
I can hardly wait to get started with the breads. Thanks for being such a great teacher!

Thank you very much for a brilliant course. Your tuition was thorough and easy to follow –
I really enjoyed it. You’ve opened a door for me that I never really appreciated existed.

The class was a huge success and everyone was thrilled!

Thanks for a fantastic week. It was how I hoped it would be.

Thank you again for a really excellent, inspiring and fun week.

Sensational. I really enjoyed it. At the risk of making you insufferable
I have to tell you that my reaction was typical.

Returned home after the class totally excited. Couldn’t sleep and usually that’s not a problem.
I couldn’t take the excitement anymore, jumped out of bed at 3am went and replenished my sourdough.

I learned such good skills from you it was a great success.

I thoroughly enjoyed your bread class – and my husband devoured the focaccia

Focaccia – fabulous! White overnight sponge – excellent. I find it amazing
that so little physical effort can produce such great bread. You have truly inspired me.

His bread is some of the best I have ever tasted.

Just a short note to say thanks so much for a great and enjoyable course – we
thoroughly enjoyed every aspect.

Thank you for all the information and, above all, for introducing me to the ways
of artisan baking. I am having much enjoyment becoming accustomed to some-what new ways – and
my friends are most impressed by the results.

Thank you for a wonderful day’s bread making. I really enjoyed it in every way
and got a tremendous amout from it

The family loved the bread I made and is eagerly awaiting a second baking!!
I am just setting myself up in terms of the leaven