Five day Course, London, October 2017

9th October 2017 - 13th October 2017
£1050(£500 Deposit)
Fully Booked

The courses includes:

  • Creating and maintaining your own sourdough leavens
  • Working with sourdough, fresh yeast & an overnight sponge
  • Fermentation, mixing, kneading, folding, shaping a loaf, proofing & retarding
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Difference in flours
  • The world of olive oil

We will be making 100% sourdough loaves, breads using both sourdough and fresh yeast, as well as fully yeasted breads. You will make focaccia, ciabatta, grissini & bagel. Breads with; spice, seeds, fruit & nut, olive oil, chocolate, tomatoes or absolutely plain.

** the fee for the 5-day course in London includes tuition, extensive course recipes & notes, all ingredients, 2 bannetons, 2 dough scrapers, a knife to slash the dough, a digital thermometer, an embroidered Artisan Bread School apron, & lunch for 5 days. In addition, the best bread knife I have ever used.

The course will take place in London E5.

Participants will receive a certificate to confirm that they have successfully completed the five-day course