Who are we?

Artisan Bread School was established by Carl Shavitz to promote the revival of artisan bread making. Carl provides a unique learning experience for anyone who wants to discover the art of artisan bread-making. Class sizes are strictly limited so that you receive personal attention. Courses are given in the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada and the United States.

At Artisan Bread School you will learn the techniques that will enable you to produce true artisan bread. Naturally we use organic and biodynamic ingredients. We each create our own sourdough culture, learn about milled and stone ground flours and how to deal with their differences, how to control dough temperature and mould breads into a variety of shapes. We do everything entirely by hand. Our sourdough breads contain no commercial yeast, our focaccias absorb an unbelievable amount of extra virgin olive oil (without weeping afterwards) and our breads take an astonishing amount of time to produce.

You will go home from Artisan Bread School with the skills to bake delicious, nutritious and healthy artisan breads in your own kitchens.

The School’s hands-on courses specialize in European breads – sourdoughs, as well as a wide-range of Italian specialties like focaccia, ciabatta, and grissini.


Artisan Bread School and logo are registered trade marks ®.  Anyone else using the name and/or logo is unauthorised to do so and has no connection with Artisan Bread School ® or with Carl Shavitz.


Read more testimonals from clients of Artisan Bread School.

My bread-making really didn’t advance until two things happened: first I learned from you Carl – there are but a few people in this world that I could have lucked onto who could really have made such a difference; and second, I began to understand that in order to make something exceptional you have to realize that it is both a simple process, and that it has been bastardized by lazy people over the centuries.

Focaccia – fabulous! Made twice. White overnight sponge – excellent. I find it amazing that so little physical effort can produce such great bread. You have truly inspired me.

Sensational. I really enjoyed it. At the risk of making you insufferable I have to tell you that my reaction was typical.

Thank you very much for a brilliant course. Your tuition was thorough and easy to follow – I really enjoyed it. You’ve opened a door for me that I never really appreciated existed.