• Handmade focaccia using Mulino Marino flour

  • "Thank you again for a wonderful week. It was fascinating and inspirational."

  • "Just a short note to say thanks so much for a great and enjoyable course – we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect."

  • Boule of Sourdough: King of Bread

  • Ciabatta made with Mulino Marino flour

  • Real hand-made sourdough bagel

  • Batard of Sourdough: King of Bread with smoked salmon

  • Sweet Focaccia with figs and a sugar glaze

  • ”Attending the Artisan Bread School was a little slice of heaven. Loved it!"

  • Mobile wood-fired oven by Maine Wood Heat (USA) based on an oven from Le Panyol (France).

  • Heating the Panyol wood-fired oven for baking

Artisan bread is special: it demands a variety of skills, a knowledge of kneading, fermenting and shaping together with the essential ingredient of time. But artisan bread is more than the sum of its parts. It is a state of mind, a focus on what we are trying to achieve. It is a commitment to quality. It is an understanding that we do this out of determination to be individualists and eat only wonderful bread.

Join master baker, Carl Shavitz and learn the secrets of baking European breads, including sourdough and Italian delicacies. Become an artisan baker in your own home.

I am indeed pleased to have learned from you.  What I knew prior to the course
was gleaned from a couple of books, some websites posted by perfect strangers
with no credentials, and my own pathetic experiments.  You, the oven, the quality of the bread,
the techniques, and the company (yes, it’s true) were all inspiring.  I’m a much better baker
and I see a path to continue to learn and practice and perfect.

I must say your course was a huge step in
my new career path, and for that
I am very grateful to you.

Thank you for such an inspiring course.

Thank you for an amazing weekend.
It really exceeded expectations and

I had an exceptionally enjoyable time.
A slice of warm Ardeche bread just capped it off nicely.

Many thanks again for an inspiring and challenging couple of days.